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Warehousing, Distribution

3PL Warehouse Facility in Houston, Texas, USA

Schulze Container is a Houston, Texas based commercial, public warehouse and we are in the logistics service business. Whether the requirement is warehouse storage space or state-of-the-art third party logistic service, Schulze Container is dedicated to providing the best in risk-free, 3rd party logistics solutions. If storage is critical for your organization, Schulze Container has the facilities and the solutions for your warehousing needs!  Call us today for a free quote.

Knowing when to outsource your 3PL so you can focus on your business will be the most critical decision you make. As a third party logistics company (3PL), Schulze Container has the know-how to revitalize your supply-chain by delivering intelligent solutions that keep you focused on your business and boost your bottom line.

Food Grade Warehouse Services

Schulze Container is your solution to food grade warehousing & distribution

With experience since 1988 in the distribution business, we are fully equipped and trained to handle your requirements. Schulze Container got its start distributing food grade packaging for a Fortune 100 company in the grocery industry. Some of the services performed were receiving and distributing product, light packing and re-stocking services for local stores. Our food grade facilities are fully licensed by the State of Texas and we are also registered with the FDA.

·       Exceed all sanitation requirements

·       Registered with the FDA & a licensed Food Grade Warehouse by the State of Texas

·       Regular sanitation inspections with document records

·       Full featured warehouse management systems

·       Complete Distribution and Fulfillment services

Schulze Container specializes in Professional Furniture Receiving, Inspection, Storage, Delivery & Installation for:


·      Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Hotels, Office Buildings, Private Residences & Model Homes