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3PL Warehouse Facility in Houston, Texas, USA

Schulze Container is a Houston, Texas based commercial, public warehouse and we are in the logistics service business. Whether the requirement is warehouse storage space or state-of-the-art third party logistic service, Schulze Container is dedicated to providing the best in risk-free, 3rd party logistics solutions. If storage is critical for your organization, Schulze Container has the facilities and the solutions for your warehousing needs!  Call us today for a free quote.

Knowing when to outsource your 3PL so you can focus on your business will be the most critical decision you make. As a third party logistics company (3PL), Schulze Container has the know-how to revitalize your supply-chain by delivering intelligent solutions that keep you focused on your business and boost your bottom line.

Food Grade Warehouse Services


With experience since 1988 in the distribution business, we are fully equipped and trained to handle your requirements. Schulze Container got its start distributing food grade packaging for a Fortune 100 company in the grocery industry. Some of the services performed were receiving and distributing product, light packing and re-stocking services for local stores. Our food grade facilities are fully licensed by the State of Texas and we are also registered with the FDA.

·       Exceed all sanitation requirements

·       Registered with the FDA & a licensed Food Grade Warehouse by the State of Texas

·       Regular sanitation inspections with document records

·       Full featured warehouse management systems

·       Complete Distribution and Fulfillment services

Schulze Container specializes in:

Quartz, Marble & Granite Slab Handling and Storage

  • Providers of Kiln-Dried Wood A-Frames, Steel Slab Racks and Slab Handling Supplies.
  • Specialists in Furniture Receiving, Storage and Professional Installation of Model Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Private Residences
  • Experienced in Storage and Handling of high value Oil Field Parts and Equipment
  • Cloud Based Warehouse Management System with on-line access
  • 24/7 Camera Surveillance and monitored Alarm System at Central Station